Mortgage Lenders

Caputi Law is a recognized title, closing and settlement agent in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Indiana, Illinois, & Michigan. We proudly implement American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices.

We guarantee efficient and effective work flow production and management as well as innovative technology and specialized title, closing, and settlement services to meet the super sensitive timelines of real estate transactions and the demands of industry compliance.

At the operational level, we streamline the title, closing, and settlement process through state-of-the-art technology. We have a diversified technical platform to manage real estate transactions from a centralized location on a national level. Our operations and technology allows real-time communication, whether during point-of-sale-document preparation, approval process, pre-closing or post-closing functions.

Title order confirmations are systematically sent to clients shortly after a title order is placed. A title specialist is available by phone or email to assist with every step of the transaction. A closing specialist will diligently monitor the file along the way to timely and efficiently complete the necessary tasks to clear the file for closing.

All closings are conducted at the time and location of the borrower’s request. Our closing signing agent network consists of vetted and experienced attorneys and notaries.

Caputi Law provides scheduling confirmation within hours of a clear to close. Upon execution of the closing documents, we provide a confirmation of settlement. Our post-closing process is streamlined and digitalized to successfully and correctly close out a file.

Our leading technologies increase efficiency over the entire closing process to meet the demands of the digital real estate world, all while ensuring industry compliance. These technical advances mean less paper, faster closings, enhanced digital tracking from pre-closing to post-closing, easier file storage, e-closing, e-recording, more privacy, improved information security, and added convenience for our clients.

We use online collaboration providers, such as Ramquest and Closing Insight, to create a secure environment for all transactions. We are able to provide real-time access and comprehensive information to our clients, including file updates, work-flow, transactional status, and post-closing functions through online collaboration services. Also, our online Closingcorp calculator determines closing costs specific to each transaction in order to ensure that title and settlement costs are calculated correctly at the outset. Our collaborations promote compliance with the 2015 RESPA/TILA integrated mortgage disclosure rule and help avoid delays in the loan process due to re-disclosure of fees. Caputi Law holds both consumers’ privacy and industry compliance as paramount.