Title, Closing & Settlement Services

Caputi Law is a recognized legal, title, and settlement agent in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. We offer a variety of title and settlement services for clients from the first-time home buyer or Seller to the seasoned investor, realtor, and mortgage lender.

Caputi Law provides legal and title services to satisfy the new 2015 RESPA/TILA integrated mortgage disclosure rules in order to ensure a timely, successful, and compliant closing. We proudly implement the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices to protect consumers, promote quality service, provide for ongoing employee training, and to meet legal and industry requirements. Click here to learn more about us.

We understand that efficient and effective work flow production and management, innovative technology, and specialized title and closing products are crucial to meet the timelines and demands associated with real estate transactions. We proactively monitor every real estate transaction, anticipate any and all potential issues, and quickly respond to avoid closing delays.

Caputi Law stays current with the shifting legal and technical demands, and prioritizes consumer protection before, during, and after the closing of a real estate transaction. We are committed to utilize the latest technologies to offer bundled, competitive services and fees for consumers while assuring all data is safe, secure, and private. Caputi Law holds both consumers’ privacy and industry compliance as paramount.

We use the Closingcorp online calculator to determine closing costs specific to each transaction in order to ensure that title and settlement costs are calculated correctly at the outset. We also use online collaboration providers, such as Ramquest and Closing Insight, to create a secure environment for all transactions. These collaborations provide real-time access and comprehensive information including file updates, work-flow, and transactional status. Our latest technology increases efficiency over the entire closing process to meet the demands of the digital world, all while ensuring industry compliance with the 2015 REPSA/TILA integrated mortgage disclosure rule and avoids delays in the loan process due to re-disclosure of fees. It also means less paper, faster closings, enhanced digital tracking from pre-closing to post-closing, easier file storage, e-closing, e-recording, more privacy, improved information security, and added convenience for our clients.

As the gatekeepers of the American Dream, we guarantee professional, competent, secure, and personalized services during every step of your real estate transaction. Caputi Law is the key to your closing!